Mark Knopfler’s contribution for the Soundbreaking series

If you have not seen this already, here is Mark’s contribution for the Soundbreaking series on Youtube.

Soundbreaking is a documentary series about the creation of new sounds in the rock music history, based on more than 160 interviews with celebrated recording artists, producers, and music industry pioneers.

Mark is demonstrating various guitar techniques and instruments. I guess you have seen one or the other lick in similar videos with Mark before but it is a great video for sure.

14 thoughts on “Mark Knopfler’s contribution for the Soundbreaking series

  1. This video is awesome and gave a much better understanding of his music than simply trying to play his songs.
    In an unrelated note, do you plan to sell unloaded pickguards? I already bought a set of SSL1s a few years ago. Otherwhise, do you know of any place I could get one?
    And in another unrelated note, last Saturday I went to a concert from a spanish tribute band called Real Straits and it was amazing, they totally nailed it. (They have some videos in Youtube in case someone is interested).

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